Water Safety Message

Water Safety Message


safekidslogoTeaching your child to swim is an important step towards keeping them safe but it may not always be enough. Children should be directly supervised when they swim or play near the water.

When you choose a place for your children to swim, consider one that has a professional lifeguard on duty. If a lifeguard is not available, you or another responsible adult should assume responsibility for supervision.

The staff at theswimschool.us are members of the Safe Kids USA network and we endorse their Water Watcher initiative. Please follow these guidelines:

• Always watch children when they are in or near the water

• When you are watching children, don't be distracted by phone calls, reading, or talking to others

• Watch children even if they know how to swim

• Children who can't swim well should be within your reach and wear life jackets

• Keep a phone near you - use it only to call for help if there is an emergency

• If a child is missing, check the water first

• Wear a Water Watcher Card and follow the printed instructions

water watcherYou can download a Water Watcher card by clicking the card image (left). You can also pick up a copy in our Pro Shop when you register for swim lessons.