Most adults come to us for three reasons. Many are concerned about their safety in the water. They may have had a bad experience as a child or never had the opportunity to learn in a comfortable environment. Others are concerned about their ability to help a child or another person in the event of an emergency. A large number of adults just want to be able to enjoy the water for exercise or adventures like snorkeling on a Caribbean cruise. 

Our certified adult swim instructors are patient, encouraging professionals who are genuinely concerned about you as an individual and your personal swimming goals. You can be swimming before the end of your first lesson! 


Our primary goal is for you to feel comfortable and safe. We use flotation, breathing, vision and propulsion aids in class. This means you will not have the fear of sinking and can float at the surface. You will be able to breathe easily without taking in water, move forward with little effort, and you will be able to see. All of this happens in the first class! Before long, you will learn several strokes and will be able to swim confidently. 


This course is designed to build on what you learned during the beginner course or the skills you have learned during prior swimming experiences. The focus is to develop several strokes and bilateral breathing technique that will increase your enjoyment of the sport.