Advanced Swim Levels


(Proficient Swimmer)

The intermediate and advanced classes focus on stroke development and skill refinement. The objective is to produce a proficient swimmer who can swim in guarded areas without direct parental supervision. Advanced II swimmers are prepared to enter competiitve swim programs.


This course prepares students to confidently swim the lengths of most community pools. The atmosphere of this class changes to a more mature and goal oriented focus with a pace to match. The focus shifts from "what to do", to "how to do it correctly".

Entry Swimming Skills:

Independent side breath and swim 12m (40 ft) with windmill arms.

Final Goal: 

Swim 50m (160 ft) Freestyle with bilateral breathing, 25m (80 ft) Backstroke and 25m (80 ft) Breaststroke.


This level prepares students to swim the distances normally encountered in large municipal pools as well as open water environments like beaches and summer camps. The focus at this level is on speed and endurance. Advanced II swimmers "rule the pool". They have the skills and tools to join swim teams and to play games like water polo. At this point they should have the desire to be lifelong swimmers who recognize the benefits of swimming as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Entry Swimming Skills:

Swim 50m (160 ft.) Freestyle with bilateral breathing, 25m (80 ft.) Backstroke and 25m (80 ft.) Breaststroke.

Final Goals:

Swim 50m (160 ft.) Freestyle with bilateral breathing, 25m (80 ft.) Backstroke, 25m (80 ft.) Breaststroke and 25m (80 ft.) Butterfly.

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