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Swim lessons are offered each month of the year and tuition is paid on a monthly basis. Classes are organized by age and ability. Swimmers can join a class at any time, if space is available. Popular times, like those after school, fill quickly so don't delay ... register and start today!


calendar iconTUITION:

$70 per month for one lesson per week


$25 per year for one child or $35 for the whole family

Safety First!

Not all students who learn to swim will have the desire to win an Olympic medal. We do expect that every student will develop the confidence and skills to come home safely after a day of playing in and around the water.
Our goal as a professional swim center is to develop each child to their own full potential. Your child will never be just another "tot" in class. Our swim teachers recognize the uniqueness of the individual and adjust to the way they learn.
We achieve class goals but make learning fun! Our students are part of a community of young swimmers and receive the support of a caring staff, concerned parents, and others who cheer them on. Praise and reward are our motivational tools, structure and our "gold script" are the framework.
Please don't expect to "just drop your child off" for swim class. Your child wants and needs you to recognize their achievements. Together we can make swim lessons one of the most rewarding experiences of their lives.

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Please use the new swimmer registration link below and complete the registration form. You can return to your customer record at anytime to update your information. Next, call theswimschool.us staff or visit us at Choo Choo Diving & Aquatic Center and we will help you to determine the best placement for your swimmer at a class time convenient for you.


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We accept all major credit cards for payment of registration and tuition. You will be asked to enter your card information on our secure server when you register. Your card will not be charged and there is no financial obligation until you complete class selection with one of our staff members.

Swim Levels

Swimmer placement at the swimschool.us is determined by previous experience and swimming ability. Swimmers are assigned to a level and, where practical, the levels are organized by age. If a swimmer is progressing rapidly, or performing above the expectations of their current level, they may be advanced to the next level. The available swimmer levels are:


Baby & Me


Beginner I

Beginner II


Advanced I

Advanced II (Pre-Swim Team)


Adult Swim

Distance Swimmer 

Gold Script

Consistency and structure with time for repetition and practice are the keys to creating great swimmers. All of our swim teachers use the Swim Schools International "Gold Script" in every class they teach.

The script is printed on waterproof checklists much like a pilot would use. This insures that skills are presented in a logical sequence and that nothing is omitted. The SSI "Gold Script" is recognized as a new global benchmark in swimmer education.

baby me

Prepare for Class

kickboards sharksAll swimmers should be equipped with approved goggles. They should fit comfortably, adjust easily and, most importantly, not leak. New swimmers who wear goggles are more willing to put their face in the water which accelerates the training process. Goggles also eliminate eye irritation and itching. Our staff can help you select the perfect pair.

Beginners who are less than 48 inches tall should be equipped with a progressive back float. The float provides security as swimmers develop the motor skills, coordination and strength to remain on the surface and swim without assistance.

Progressive back floats are designed so that panels can be removed as students improve their technique. Removing panels keeps the students challenged without feeling threatened or becoming overworked. 

Swim diapers are required for all students who are not potty trained. Two layers of diapers are needed. A disposable swim diaper and approved reusable outer cover. The outer diapers are available in the Pro Shop.


Swim Parties

party headerJoin the staff at Choo Choo Diving & Aquatic Center for a truly unique experience ... a Swim or Try Scuba Rangers Party!

A pool party is the perfect choice for a "no hassle" Birthday. Relax while we take care of all of the details.  Read more =>

Important message

Drowning is one of the leading causes of death in children ages 1 through 14. Most people don't realize that drowning is a "silent" killer. They expect that someone who is drowning will yell for help. Instead they fight to save what breath they have and never utter a sound. When most pre-school kids drown, one or both parents are present.

safekidslogoTeaching your child to swim is the first step towards keeping them safe. Learn what to do next.  Read more

c raysKids who have completed the Level 3 Beginner Swim class are eligible to join our C-Rays program. Kids will learn snorkeling and advanced water safety skills. They become "junior explorers" and can join in on our fun and educational C-Rays club activities.

Read more

Swim Class Times

swimmer frontpageschedule 2015The SwimSchool.us is located in Choo Choo Diving & Aquatic Center at 3739 Powers Court, Chattanooga, Tennessee. We offer Baby and Me (Infant Swim), Beginner, Advanced and Adult swim classes. Swim lessons are offered on weekday mornings, afternoons, and evenings. Classes meet at the same time, on the same day, each week. All scheduled classes are 30 minutes in length.

Swimmers can enroll in an open class at any time. You can start today! Click the schedule icon to view the current openings. We make every effort to list the most up-to-date information. Please speak to a member of our staff to confirm that there is still space in the class that you want.

To help us serve you better, please review the detailed information on Swimmer Levels for guidance on swim student placement. We maintain information in our computer database for swimmers who are returning for additional lessons.

Call us at 423-899-1008. We are looking forward to providing the best possible training experience!

weather tweetsSwim classes may be cancelled due to inclement weather. Cancellations occur when there is active lightning in our immediate area and occassionally due to snow or icing conditions. Click the icon (left) to visit our Twitter page for the most recent information. 

Notices regarding class cancellation are posted by the swim staff, directly from the swim deck, as soon as information is available. The Pro Shop staff does not have the most recent information. Please check the Twitter page or, for more convenience, sign up for Twitter notifications direct to your phone.

Signing up for Tweets on your phone is easy and you do not need a Twitter account. Simply text "follow @swimschoolchatt" to 40404.

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    The swimschool.us at Choo Choo Diving & Aquatic Center is Chattanooga's premier provider of swim training for youth and adults.


    Our courses help swimmers develop the skills needed to be safe around, on, and in the water.


    Our small class size and expert, highly experienced instructors will make learning to swim challenging and fun!




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